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Business Intelligence (BI) Application

About BI App


Leadership of large organizations that manage several companies have a wealth of information that needs to be secure, accessible and collaborative. We custom built an eco-system for such an organization to cater to its very specific needs.


Real-time &
Custom Reports

Information is crucial when making major business decisions. What makes that information even more powerful is its timeliness.

We created custom dashboards based on the requirements at hand to ensure that the decision makers always have the latest iteration of the information they need.

Document Management


When working in groups and teams, it is imperative to be able to collaborate. This is where document management becomes an essential part of any business management application.

Through this module, teams are able to securely store documents, share them with others on their team and access them whether in a remote location or at a board meeting.


& Collaboration

The goal here was to create a platform through which the different members of the leadership were able to constantly communicate with each other on different topics.

The unique element of this is not the fact that it has a chat application built in, but that people can be pulled into a chat room which has context attached to it. You can chat with someone regarding an article that you saw on the Internet, or about a document that was uploaded earlier. Communicating and collaborating with context.

Task Management


With so many responsibilities and complicated reporting hierarchies, it is often easy for things to slip through the cracks. Through this task management feature, it is easy to set accountability and gain transparency.

Assign tasks to people, report in on tasks completed, provide comments and much more in order to keep your leadership organized in a large scale enterprise environment.

Meeting Management

Calendar & Notes

An internal shared calendar across the enterprise will show the meetings (both upcoming & previous) as well as the minutes of those meetings (audio or text form).

This allows everyone on the leadership team to be able to stay abreast the developments and have a clear understanding of what is expected in upcoming meetings with access to a clear agenda.

News & Videos

News, Videos
& Social Feeds

While the Internet contains a plethora of information, it also contains a lot of noise. This curated news feed ensures that articles relevant to the enterprise are given prominence to ensure that the busy company CEO on the go does not have to sift through mindlessly to find relevant items.

Upon finding something of interest, the user is able to directly pull it into a chat room and discuss the story with another person on their team, or send it out as a snippet to the rest of the members of the team to provide their feedback on.

The Results

The application has been adopted by all the top leadership across the enterprise and has been met with fantastic feedback. A list of new features have already been planned for the next roll-out as we continue to monitor, tweak and iterate on this massive platform that has changed the way the organization's business processes are handled.

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